An Uplighting Guide for your Event

Uplighting can dramatically change an atmosphere. You can transform an average room into perfection in virtually seconds. Uplighting is way more cost-effective than any kind of draping or camouflage system that you can think of.
Renting up lights is preferable; you don’t have to worry about setting them up, tearing them down, or trying to store or sell them afterward.
The most popular question that we get from clients is “How many lights do I need”? The more lights you have and the closer they are together, the stronger the color effect will be. Each light will illuminate approximately 3-4 feet of wall space.

Uplighting before and afterSimple Uplighting Guide

50 sq. ft ~ 10 Uplights
75 sq. ft ~ 17 Uplights
100 sq. ft ~ 20 Uplights


Questions to Ask: 

  • Do you want a color wash on everything in the space?
  • If not, how many accent tables or areas do you want? -(Possibly just the head table and cake table for example)
  • How big is the area that you want lit?
  • What colors would look good with your color scheme? 


Written by: Laura Duvall

Lead Event Designer of gMedia Events.

Some of her favorite things include planning her baby's birthday parties, spending time with her entrepreneurial husband discussing ways they can improve their business and being an intimate part of weddings where she can feel the love between the couple!

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