5 Important Questions to Ask your Transportation Company for your Wedding Day!

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1. Stocked with Alcohol/BYOB?

Make sure if you want alcohol in your car or limousine; that it is included, you are able to pay extra for it, or you are able to bring your own. Is there any alcohol included with the rental price? How much, if any, is included?

2. Charged by Hour/Day?

Do you have pay the entire bill before the day of the wedding? What is the deposit? Do you have to have to pay a damage deposit that you get back? Do you have packages that are half-days and full days? Do you charge by the hour?

3. Are Tips for Drivers Expected?

Does the driver accept tips day of? Is a certain percentage of the bill included for the driver as a tip? If so, what is an acceptable tip? If a tip is expected, have the tip in an envelope all ready to go. Give this to the driver as soon as you remember to. Otherwise, you may forget to give it to him/her.

4. Arrival Time?

Make sure that your contract includes when the driver is supposed to be at your pick-up location. Make sure they have the address and a map if you want to be super prepared. Make sure that there is no confusion about when the driver needs to be somewhere. If there are multiple pick up and drop off locations, a timeline with addresses would be very helpful for a driver.  

5. Cleanliness?

I have seen some limousines where it hasn’t been vacuumed out real well. It would be important to ask what the cleaning process is and how clean the limo will be when it arrives.

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Written by: Laura Duvall

Lead Event Designer of gMedia Events.

Some of her favorite things include planning her baby's birthday parties, spending time with her entrepreneurial husband discussing ways they can improve their business and being an intimate part of weddings where she can feel the love between the couple!

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